Hampi Chariot Lego



Build yourself the Hampi’s stone chariot – one of three most celebrated chariot temples in the country. It is famously known as the Jewel of Hampi. A UNESCO Heritage site located in Vijayanagara Karnataka, India, Hampi draws visitors in huge numbers.



Now you can build your own Krishna idol and connect with the energy of Krishna. Build by yourself or along with friends and family. A great display piece for home or office. A unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries or auspicious occasions.


Indic Bricks is proud to bring, for the first time, an Indian God idol as a DIY building blocks set. An ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new home or other auspicious occasions. Display at your home or office and connect with the energy of Ganesha, the vignaharta or obstacles remover.


Now you can build your own temple with Indic Bricks. The Nagara Temple building blocks set is the first in our Mandir series. An important piece of India heritage now for your home or office. It is also a great souvenir to gift friends and family.


This Yoga Asanas building blocks set is for yoga lovers. A selection of 5 important yoga poses for health and fitness enthusiasts. A unique gift for friends and family, especially those who are into yoga. A great souvenir of India’s intangible heritage. A great way to get children excited about yoga.


The Dravida Fridge Magnet is a representation of a section of the gopuram or entrance gateway, a key feature of temples in South India. To create your own Dravida magnet, build the gopuram and display on fridge or any other metal surface.

Lego Dravida Temple


Enhance all your existing builds with lights!

Light up your build with these light up building blocks (compatible with major building block brands). A great choice as a gift for blocks fans, children or adults.