Nataraja Asana

Nataraja Asana


A unique gift for friends and family, especially those who are into yoga. A great souvenir of India’s intangible heritage. A great way to get children excited about yoga.

– No. of pieces: 60 high quality parts.
– 100% compatible with major brands.
– Built Size: 13 x12.5 x 3.5 cm.
– Instructions: Printed Booklet included in box
– Estimated build time: 15 Minutes
– Difficulty level: Easy

Additional Information


Nataraja Asana or Lord of the Dance Pose


  • This asana strengthens the back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs.
  • It helps develop a sense of balance and coordination and improves concentration.
  • Due to the intense focus required to practice this pose, it is excellent for those people who have a busy mind that will not shut off.


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