About Us

Ganesha for kids


Ekarik Private Limited is a young start-up based out of Bangalore with a vision to help people connect with India’s rich heritage in a fun and engaging way. Ekarik’s cultural toys, models, games & souvenirs are suitable for all ages.

Indic Bricks is a brand of Ekarik. The Indic Bricks range consists of Indian theme building blocks sets. These sets are ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other auspicious occasions. Our products can be purchased online from our website www.indicbricks.com. We ship worldwide.


Indic Bricks

I have been working with building blocks for many years now… creating STEM programs for young children. It has been a personal hobby too – a chance to build some of the world’s most magnificent monuments in bricks. However, I couldn’t help but notice that from India only Taj Mahal is available as a building blocks set. But what about the other feats of Architecture spread across our great nation? The many forts and palaces. The beautiful stepwells. The divine temples that we so take for granted. If we could incorporate these into our programs and teach students about the Science, Math, Engineering and History behind them!

- Meghna Bhutoria,
Founder Indic Bricks

I see Indian kids so fascinated with Avengers, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney characters and stories. In India, we have our own heroes and mythological super heroes that we are losing connection with. We want to make it fun for children to engage with characters from India, so they can understand our roots & traditions better, interact with Indic ideas create our own narratives!