Ganesha Building Set

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Indic Bricks is proud to bring, for the first time, an Indian God idol as a DIY building blocks set. An ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new home or other auspicious occasions. Display at your home or office and connect with the energy of Ganesha, the vignaharta or obstacles remover.

  • Built Size: 20 x 18 x 9 cm
  • No. of pieces: 484 high quality parts.
  • 100% compatible with major brands.
  • Instructions: Printed Booklet included in box.
  • Estimated build time: 3 hours.
  • Difficulty level: Moderate

The Story of Ganesha’s Birth

Shiva and Parvati lived on Mount Kailasha. However, Shiva was mostly out meeting his responsibilities while Parvati was alone at Kailasha.
Moral of the story: As much as this story talks about Ganesha’s birth, it teaches us how harmful anger can be and how necessary it is to rectify our mistakes as soon as we can.
One day Parvati did not wish to be disturbed while bathing, least of all by Shiva who was in the habit of doing so, much to her annoyance. So she made the statue of a child from the paste she bathed with to guard her. But first she breathed life into him. She called the child Ganesha and asked him to guard the home while she bathed. When Shiva showed up yet again, he was stopped from entering by a determined Ganesha. Shiva had no idea who this child was so he asked his forces to destroy him. But Ganesha had powers bestowed on him by Parvati and defeated Shiva’s army. Shiva, known for his temper, lost control and chopped off Ganesha’s head.

Parvati was furious when she saw what had happened to her beloved child, moreso at her husband’s hands. She threatened to destroy the entire universe as a consequence. Now, the universe was the responsibility of Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva. Alarmed, Brahma apologised to Parvati on behalf of Shiva and advised her not to destroy the universe. Parvati relented on the conditions that Ganesha be brought back to life and be worshipped as the primary God. Shiva, too, was contrite and apologized to Parvati.

He advised his troops to go into the forest and get the head of the first animal they sighted. They came across an elephant before any other and brought back his head. This was then placed over Ganesha’s body by Brahma. Shiva brought Ganesha to life thereafter and accepted him as his own son. This is how Ganesha was born and worshipped as the God of Gods.

The Story Of Kubera’s Downfall

Kubera, a renowned God, was the wealthiest of them all. Unfortunately he would hoard relentlessly to increase his treasure trove. What was worse was that he was very proud of his wealth as well.
One day he threw a grand feast and invited Shiva and Parvati and their children. As they were unable to attend they sent Ganesha to represent the family. Ganesha noticed Kubera’s tendency to show off and decided to teach him a lesson. He began devouring the food voraciously until there was barely anything left for the other guests. This embarrased Kubera no end. But was Ganesha satisfied? No way. He proceeded to eat Kubera’s wealth. All the gold and precious  gems the greedy Kubera had hoarded his whole life. But even this was not enough and Ganesha proceeded next to eat Kubera himself. Hardly surprising that Kubera fled to Mount Kailash for dear life to ask Shiva to save him.
Shiva understood Ganesha’s reason for doing what he did. He offered his son a simple bowl of cereals. Much to Kubera’s surprise Ganesha ate them and was satisfied immediately.Kubera reaslised his folly and stopped hoarding. Instead, he started distributing his wealth among his people.

Story Of Ganesha’s Single Tusk

There are many versions that explain this but this Bal Ganesh story does it best.
As is well known, Mahabharata was written by Rishi Ved Vyas. What may not be as well known however is that Ganesha was his scribe.

Ved Vyas approached Ganesha to transcribe the epic as he narrated it. The condition was that Vyas would have to narrate it without a break and Ganesha write it in one go. Of course this wasn’t going to be easy. The Mahabharat is the longest poem ever written, after all.

As the two progressed with their specific tasks, the quill that Ganesha was using to write broke in two.

As they progressed in writing the story, there came a point where the quill that Ganesha was using to write it down broke and he had no other quills with him at that moment. Ved Vyas could not stop narrating the story since the condition was already set in stone for him.Without wasting any time, Ganesha quickly broke off one of his own tusks and fashioned it into a pen, using it to continue writing the epic without interruption. This allowed the epic to become a holy one and Ganesha and Vyas ended up completing it together.