The Easiest Way to Learn Indian Mythology is Here….

With globalization, migrating to foreign countries is quite normal.

Most of the Indians travel for better opportunities but why should we lose the essence of Indian culture at that cost?

We too have superheroes like the Ganesha or Krishna, why do we talk only about Marvel or DC characters?

Such questions gave birth to Indic Bricks, a Bangalore based startup that is dedicated towards designing building blocks inspired from Indian heritage.

Indic bricksmasters the art of creating superb Indian theme LEGO® type building blocks sets that empower you to create Ganesha Murti, the Kailasha temple model and several Yoga postures from fine-quality building blocks.

It’s a great way to instill values and important life-lessons in the minds of younger kids of today.

When you build a structure, you not just join some random blocks together, you are fully immersed into it. Your brain starts to think and the curiosity would try to trace back the origins: whydoes Ganesha have so many arms,what is a temple and why did someone build such complex architecture?

That’s the exact place when your child starts learning about their Indian heritage from these simple yet creative desi toys.

It’s a great gift item and one of the best Indian souvenirs that you should certainly own.

While other brands too have created a few simple Indian toys, there is still a lot more to discover when a little champ is growing up!

Indic Bricks is a medium to connect to the incredible Indian stories that a lot of expatsare missing out on foreign lands.

These desi gifts are one of the most fun-filled waysto learn about Indian gods, goddesses and culture. With the existing components, Indic Brick plans on adding Bal Krishna, Hanuman, Ramayana storytelling set, Lego taj Mahal and the list goes on.

Stop waiting and join the Indic family to be a part of a unique mythological journey! Purchase now online from



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