Unfold the beauty of Indian Mythology with Indic Bricks


Migrating to foreign land isa unique experience but in this humdrum are we falling away from our heritage?

While the charm of a new country might appeal to a lot of us, it is still very important to stay connected to Indian heritage.

In fact, it’s kind of unfortunate to have a rich cultural inheritance and not know about it.

Did you know, we have Kailasa Temple in Ellora, which was carved out of a single rock?

We also have 12 Zodiac Pillars of Vidyashankara Temple in Sringeri. This unique temple stands on 12 pillars aligned with the movement of the sun through different zodiac signs during the entire year. This is an epitome of engineering, whichever zodiac the sun is in, the first rays of the sun fall on that pillar. The zodiac signs are duly carved on each pillar.

Not just these but there are innumerable stories and sights, worth being proud of. But when it comes to popularity at the global level, it’s just the LEGO® Taj Mahal set that we sometimes happen to find at a store or two.

That is why Indian lego has taken up the charge to spread awareness about hidden Indian treasures through building blocks of desi toys.

With these Indian toys, you not only give wings to your creativity but also happen to learn the nitty-gritty about Indian culture through the add-on flyer and quiz, that comes in handy with each box of Indic Bricks.

Furthermore, there is a complete set of building blocks dedicated to varied Yoga poses. Try your hands on building one and watch how this meditative process eventually heals you up.

Let us help you get there and build something meaningful!


Source : https://www.lucanashville.com/unfold-the-beauty-of-indian-mythology-with-indic-bricks/